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RitmoVerde Social Media Campaign 



RitmoVerde (GreenRhythm) is an online community that seeks to educate and empower its audience to lead more sustainable lives. RitmoVerde exists to promote a more sustainable lifestyle by informing users on sustainable products and practices, as well as providing tips into how to begin implementing these practices into their lives. 


Market — Target Audience

  1. RitmoVerde seeks to inspire and engage people mainly from Latin America in their 20’s and 30’s who are interested in being more proactive in order to implement sustainable practices within their homes. 

  2. Attitudes we are looking for in our followers: 

    1. ​Group A: “I want to learn how to be more sustainable and lower my carbon footprint”

    2. Group B: “I am already living a sustainable lifestyle, but want to discover new products/brands and do more.”


Agenda & Goals 

  1. Promote the Circular bio economy and Bioplastics 

  2. Guide followers through the three dimensions of sustainability (The Three P’s) 

    1. Planet

      1. Bioplastics

      2. Circular bio economy 

    2. People

    3. Prosperity

  3. Provide life cycle analysis for a range of sustainable products 

  4. Exemplify the benefits of sustainability -- why is it better?


We plan to track the use of #RitmoVerde on Instagram. The hashtag is meant to be used when followers are inspired by the campaign to become more sustainable individuals and decide to post about how they are doing it. 

Modes of Engagement 

Influencer base: In order to increase following and reach a broader audience, RitmoVerde would reach out to social media creators for partnerships. The collaborations would take place in three phases based on how large the following is: 

  1. Phase I - CREDIBILITY: Latinx people / brands already promoting sustainability 

  2. Phase II - EDUCATION: People/ brands who want to be more sustainable, and see the before-after of how they are doing it 

  3. Phase III - GROWTH: People with a large following that can promote us further 

Essentially, RitmoVerde will not only help these influencers learn more about living a more sustainable lifestyle and reducing their carbon footprint, but will also add sustainability as part of their personal brand on social media. In exchange, RitmoVerde will create a strong community of followers who wish to learn more about this topic and implement it into their day-to-day lives.


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